Creatively Exercising

A good friend of mine, Adam, is a graphic designer and a damn good artist. It’s ridiculously fun to glance through notebooks he has that he takes to classes because he has illustrations of things he wants to describe in more detail or just to help him remember. Other times there are sketches of things he wants to work on. They’re really great to look at and I liken them to DaVinci’s sketches.

A while ago I began giving him drawing prompts. A few prompts were things like a dapper mosquito, or a goblin wizard. I think once I even asked him to draw a squirrel eating a human nut.

So recently I was having some issues with creativity and just trying to find projects to work on to get that part of my brain kick started. I was talking to Adam about it and he went ahead and gave me his own writing prompt.

Draw a raccoon on cocaine. A Crackcoon.

Of course, I delivered.

Crackcoon - a raccoon on crack

The next drawing prompt is for a “Resident Weevil.”

How do you keep creative juices flowing?