Always Create, Don’t Stagnate

It’s so easy just to go home after work, grab something to eat, then plop down and play video games until it’s time to go to bed at night. You get to blissfully ignore anything that would remotely resemble work and just immerse yourself in a world of fantasy. (Feel free to replace video games with your guilty pleasure of choice.)

I’ve found that while it feels great to just go and mindlessly stare at a computer screen, I reach a point of diminishing returns. I can go and have fun, but if I am sitting there for too long in any given weekend, come Sunday night when it’s time to go to bed and start a new week, I have one thought:

‘Holy shit, I didn’t accomplish a single thing this weekend.’

DREAD that feeling.

Then you think, “Ok Tony, well that’s all well and good, but I don’t have any ideas. I can’t just do something with no purpose either.”

Ok, yes. Your point is valid. Sometimes it’s hard to do something for no reason. I’ve made little drawings and characters that I fully intend to animate, but then never do anything with because I don’t have a reason to animate them. I don’t have an idea. So if you have the same feelings that you’re not accomplishing anything and you don’t have any ideas, make stuff, but don’t make stuff because you want to make money, or be famous, or to impress your cat.

Make stuff for people. Make gifts. Work hard and pour your heart and soul into creating something. Maybe they’ll notice all the hard work you put into that special something.

Maybe they won’t, and that can be frustrating.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll have made something that you can be proud of.

Always create.

Credit where due



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